From 1-9 grades
Educational Center Mehrabyan, Komitas st.51, 4th floor
Tel: (010) 26-27-43; 28-95-53; 26-24-53; Work time: 9: 00-18: 00
Grades 1-4 - AMD 30,000 / month. All days except Saturday and Sunday.
Grades  5-7 - AMD 20,000 each subject.
8-9 classes - 25000 drams each subject.
Classes are held 3 times / week.
Duration - 2 hours
Individual approach. High quality teaching staff.
Preparation for lessons includes: homework, revision, completing additional tasks to achieve high performance.
We create an atmosphere that will provide not only an educational level, but also create a healthy environment for the growth and development of the child. Children also acquire basic knowledge of personal hygiene, which is important on prevention of various diseases.