About us

Welcome to Yerevan Medical College after Mehrabyan.  

This educational institution (state accreditation 223) is permanently licensed by the Ministry of Health (Կ-XX-000020, Կ-XX-000036) and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia (license 420).

The College carries out secondary education (Midwifery, Nursing care, Dental technician, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and art of cosmetology, Medical cosmetology) medical program syllabus, that is trains medium-level medical personnel. The strict medical direction of the educational establishment, in our opinion, gives an opportunity to concentrate all the working and material resources for the organization of qualitative and deep study of the subjects. Studies are held in our bases, laboratories, auditoriums of the College, foremost clinics and the best hospitals of Armenia.


The College cooperates with famous foreign companies and realizes scientific and educational projects with them. The College is proud of its academic staff: highly skilled doctors, experienced teachers which guarantee the educational level corresponds to world standards. Not only Armenian, but students from foreign countries study at the Medical College after Mehrabyan, too.


Foreign students in Armenia are attracted not only by the high level education and affordable price of studies, but also by hospitality of people, their amazing ancient history and culture, unique architectural monuments of our country. As a doctor I must point out, that the health -care worker occupation  is  very responsible  and our activity, isn’t limited only by working hours.


The sacred duty of the health worker patiently to support treatment and help to the sick and infirm people day and night. And if you are brave, responsive and hardworking - choose the most beautiful, humane and prestigious profession!


                                    Director of Yerevan Medical College after Mehrabyan,

                                                                              Prof.    Luida Mehrabyan